Royal Ausnz, the world leading formula milk product with Australian origin, has been officially introduced to Vietnam market on August 01, 2014 thanks to KLF Global’s efforts...

Royal Ausnz, the world leading formula milk product with Australian origin, has been officially introduced to Vietnam market on August 01, 2014 thanks to KLF Global’s efforts. After two months of market penetration, Royal Ausnz has captured the attention and interest of Vietnamese mothers and become their trustworthy companion during their child’s early years.


Royal Ausnz is the formula-milk product line belonging to Gotop group – the big man of Australia’s dairy products industry, with nearly 150 years of expertise. Royal Ausnz is proudly “Australian made” and has achieved world highest certifications in food safety and hygiene including HACCP, ISO, GMP. In Vietnam, the formulas are genuinely imported and exclusively distributed by KLF Global.


In the recent market research, it is found out that Royal Ausnz has gained much favors and positive feedbacks from Vietnamese consumers. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen, citizen of Topcare apartment building (335 Cau Giay, Hanoi), has shared her delightful story in the one to KLF: “My baby was somewhat faced with eating disorder, yet Royal Ausnz milk seems to suit her taste and she enjoys her drinks very much. Especially, since I started to feed my baby with Royal Ausnz, her constipation and digestive disorder have disappeared. I am so relieved and happy. Thank you so much!”    


Talking about product qualities, Mr. Ha from Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong comments: “Royal Ausnz milk is tasty, with moderate sweetness and gives a sense of cool and light flavor. When compared to other milk formulas we used to feed our child, Royal Ausnz contains higher level of Calcium and DHA. Moreover, the 3-lid design help preserve products better under changing climate in Vietnam. My wife and I feel totally assured to feed our baby with Royal Ausnz.”  


Meanwhile, Ms. Vu Thi Hong Nhung, living in Quan Hoa (Hanoi), is fascinated with the products: “My baby loves Royal Ausnz, yet he still enjoys breast milk. Besides, he is also crazy with lovely gifts from the brand. He is absolutely Royal Ausnz’s fan!”


Royal Ausnz formula powder milk is produced by and packaged in 100% natural materials in Australia, the motherland of world dairy industry. The product is developed along the synchronous and enclosed production line, with application of wet-blending, vacuum and nitrogen-push technologies, ensuring its purity.


In the recent interview with Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Thi Lam – Deputy Director of National Institute of Nutrition, she has been asked to give her advice to Vietnamese mothers in choosing a best-fit formula for their child: “In my opinion, it is reasonable to have different milk products in the market to serve different demands. Yet mothers can be assured that all genuinely imported products into Vietnam have already passed the most rigorous testing over nutrition content and safety control of both Vietnam and the producing nation.”     


“As a nutrition expert, I have spent years researching about issues relating to nutrition for children’s comprehensive development. With regards to formula products, the nutrition contents which boost height, brain development, capacity of the immune system while not affecting the product’s tastiness should be of major concern to all mothers.”


“For babies, due to their under-developed digestive system, milk drinks must also be easy to absorb without causing anorexia, and meets the quality standard set by Codex. From my own perspective, Royal Ausnz from Australia is a satisfactory product, with whey protein/casein ratio of 60/40 – appropriate for children absorption. Besides, the DHA and ARA content amounts to 30 and 60mg respectively, reflecting the DHA/ARA “golden ratio” of ½ (found in breast milk). With careful consideration for the health of your beloved babies, I believe Vietnamese mothers are all smart consumers.”        


All Royal Ausnz products currently circulated in Vietnam market are genuine imports by KLF Global, with label printed on the can, two lids and one tin foil covering inside ensuring absolute quality and preventing illegal imitation. The direct labeling on can’s body also helps to mitigate risks relating to product quality and other possible problems.


With such quality commitment, it is understandable why Royal Ausnz can win consumers so quickly.


In this October, mothers and kids have access to various lovely gifts from the brand for buying our products. Royal Ausnz products can be found in all selling agencies and retail stores nation-wide. Or, you can contact our Customer Care Service for more information and advice at:

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