On November 11, 2014, KLF Global has signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with EBG (the European agency of vocational training & society) – with the vision to improve workmanship and language capacity for Vietnamese labors. 

Accordingly, KLF will cooperate with EBG and become the agency’s very first private school partner regarding vocational training courses in nursing, mechanics, welding and construction for Vietnamese labors who already have basic vocational knowledge. To be specific, in phase 1 students will receive training in both specializations and language skill in Vietnam, then in phase 2 they shall be transferred to Germany or other European countries and continue their course there. By the end of the training program, students will be granted the Vocational Certificate under European Framework of Reference and thus be qualified to work in Germany or other European countries. It is anticipated that by January 2015, the two parties will run the pilot program on nursing and welding vocation for phase 1. 


At the signing ceremony, Ms. Tran Thi My Lan – member of KLF Board of Management – stated: “With the vision to become Vietnam’s leading provider of vocational education services as well as high-quality labors for overseas market, KLF has a burning ambition to approach and conquer the tough markets of the European Union such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia. At the moment, KLF has already cooperated and received technology transfer in human resource training from certain other developed countries worldwide. The company expects that the cooperation with EBG will open chances for Vietnamese human resources to get access to a systematic language and vocational training from Germany and other EU nations, because different from other previous programs, the scope of the project is not confined in Germany only, but also expanding to other offices of EBG European-wide.     


EBG’s Managing Director – Dr. Bernhard Beckmann – highly valued KLF capacity and considered this cooperation a chance for EBG to explore the field of educating skillful worker, serving the growing labor demand in developing countries. Mr. Beckmann expressed his hope that via means of such partnership, the supply-demand for Vietnamse labors in the global market would be significantly improved.     


KLF Global currently owns 1,500 billion VND in charter capital and performs in various business sectors including commercialization, services, health care, education, etc. Across the years, KLF has mobilized and directed much of its resources into HR development, with the operation of Hanoi International College (delivering high-quality vocational training and serving domestic labor demand) and focused on building international partnerships in order to create opportunities for HR training and dispatching.


The European Agency of Vocational training & Society (EBG) was founded in 1990, functioning in vocational training and improvement as well as community and social activities. EBG has now established its strong network with 36 offices across Germany and many other countries over the world. With the force of 350 university lecturers, teachers, experts and thousand of training collaborators meeting global standards (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008), EBG has fulfilled various major projects with the participation of EVBB’s members (The European Association of Vocational Training institutes), community organizations, vocational training centers as well as representatives of EU countries, China, Russia, etc.


Some pictures at the signing ceremony:

Mr. Bernhard Beckmann – EBG’s Managing Director


Ms. Tran Thi My Lan – Member of KLF Board of Management


Representatives of EBG