On March 04, 2015, KLF Global (stock code: KLF) has successfully organized its Annual General Shareholder Meeting Year of 2015. 

In the Meeting, all reports and submissions have been approved, including important notes regarding the Business Review 2014, Business Plan 2015 and Proposal for increasing charter capital in 2015, as well as the approval for Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh – to cease to work as a member of Supervision Board.  


According to the consolidated & audited financial statements year of 2014, KLF has achieved 831.25 bil VND total revenue and 91.37 bil VND profit. During 2014, the company has also issues new shares to increase its charter capital up to 1,517 bil.


In this time of unstable economic situation, it is worth noticing that KLF was able to sustain its growth rate and obtain desirable business outcomes, as well as to expand its scope of businesses into education, healthcare services and agriculture.


With the view to becoming the nation’s leading company in terms of labor training and high-quality HR dispatch, KLF is looking for opportunities with up-markets such as EU countries (Germany, Austria, and Slovakia). In 2014, the company has successfully sent hundreds of labors to Japanese, Malaysian or Middle-east markets.


2014 has also witnessed greater interest from investors, as KLF stock code is considered amongst the most liquid ones and selected into the HNX-30 basket.


2015, KLF Global targets 1,650 bil VND revenue, 200 bil VND profit before tax and nearly 3,700 bil VND in charter capital this year via means of stock bonus, private placement and issuance to existing shareholders.


In response to the question regarding the time and reason for stock bonus, Mr. Tran The Anh – Chairman of KLF’s BOM – stated that KLF is in its expanding period, with big investments and capital demand. Besides, the high liquidity state of the share, with market value exceeding face value will bring advantage of shareholders with this kind of profit distribution.


When some raised the question that whether KLF is going through an overheating boom, Ms. My Lan corrected the term and suggested that we use the “breakthrough development” instead. “Such developments, as a matter of fact, are in accordance with company’s projection and were carefully considered by Board of Directors …” said Ms. Lan.


Regarding the acquisition over Ha Thanh hospital – as an initial investment into healthcare services, Mr. The Anh highlighted both the economic and social intentions underlying in such decision. KLF Global, besides business goals, would also like to provide people with a better and comprehensive healthcare services.  

The Meeting concluded with extremely high agreement rates for all issues discussed, including the decision to appoint Mr. Le Van Sac as the new member of Supervision Board.


“The success of our Meeting today, with high agreement rates among shareholders, will secure trust and confidence for the Board of Directors and also KLF staff-force to strive for 2015 goals” said Mr. The Anh. 


Shareholder registration right before the Meeting.


The overall spectacle of the Meeting


Voting time


Mr. Le Van Sac has been appointed as the new member of Supervision Board