Leaders of KLF Global has revealed the company’s intention to fill up many new vacancies right at the beginning of Quarter 4, including top management positions... 

According to that, KLF shall call for about 120 new staff working at different units of the company including travel, air services, golf services, labors training & export as well as introducing and selling products such as milk powder, steel, training facilities etc. Some of the new hires will take the role of top manager, director or vice director.



In addition, KLF will also recruit 80 personnel working for its Ha Thanh General Hospital including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, hygiene keepers and members of functional units.

The large-scale recruitment campaign is an important part of KLF’s expansion scheme. The company’s strategy is to effectively maintain its current businesses, while at the same time exploit new potentials in Health care services, Medicament and Agriculture products commerce, Vocational training and Labor exports.   


Take in to account the firm’s performance for Quarter 3 (2014) only, its profit has been estimated at 50 billion, roughly equivalent to that of the first half of the year. With such impressive results, the total profit of KLF for the first 9 months of 2014 is approximately 100 bil – meeting the objectives set for the whole year!