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KLF appoints new Deputy General Director (15/03/2015)

Ms. Thuy, born in 1978, holds both Bachelor’s Degrees of Hanoi Open University (Year of 2001) and Banking Academy (Year of 2008).


Ms. Tran Thi My Lan, Member of KLF’s BOM, grants the Appointment Decision to Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Thuy. 


Being promoted from the HR Manager position, Ms. Thuy has years of experience working in HRM field, with her former positions including HR Director of CMC Telecom (2008 – 2014), HR Manager of EuroCapital (2007 – 2008); HR Executive of Vingroup (2004 – 2007) and HR & Admin executive of Samsung E&C Vietnam (representative office).


This designation decision belongs to the company’s plan targeting a completed and effective organization system, including the HR and Senior HR staff-force, which is expected to contribute to the success of Business Plan 2015 (approved by the Shareholder General Meeting).


Mr. Tran The Anh, Chairman of BOM, presents Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Thuy – the new Deputy General Director of KLF Global – with flowers


2015, KLF Global targets 1,650 bil VND revenue, 200 bil VND profit before tax and an increase to around 3,686 bil VND in charter capital this year. 

KLF targets 200 bil VND profit this year! (04/03/2015)

In the Meeting, all reports and submissions have been approved, including important notes regarding the Business Review 2014, Business Plan 2015 and Proposal for increasing charter capital in 2015, as well as the approval for Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh – to cease to work as a member of Supervision Board.  


According to the consolidated & audited financial statements year of 2014, KLF has achieved 831.25 bil VND total revenue and 91.37 bil VND profit. During 2014, the company has also issues new shares to increase its charter capital up to 1,517 bil.


In this time of unstable economic situation, it is worth noticing that KLF was able to sustain its growth rate and obtain desirable business outcomes, as well as to expand its scope of businesses into education, healthcare services and agriculture.


With the view to becoming the nation’s leading company in terms of labor training and high-quality HR dispatch, KLF is looking for opportunities with up-markets such as EU countries (Germany, Austria, and Slovakia). In 2014, the company has successfully sent hundreds of labors to Japanese, Malaysian or Middle-east markets.


2014 has also witnessed greater interest from investors, as KLF stock code is considered amongst the most liquid ones and selected into the HNX-30 basket.


2015, KLF Global targets 1,650 bil VND revenue, 200 bil VND profit before tax and nearly 3,700 bil VND in charter capital this year via means of stock bonus, private placement and issuance to existing shareholders.


In response to the question regarding the time and reason for stock bonus, Mr. Tran The Anh – Chairman of KLF’s BOM – stated that KLF is in its expanding period, with big investments and capital demand. Besides, the high liquidity state of the share, with market value exceeding face value will bring advantage of shareholders with this kind of profit distribution.


When some raised the question that whether KLF is going through an overheating boom, Ms. My Lan corrected the term and suggested that we use the “breakthrough development” instead. “Such developments, as a matter of fact, are in accordance with company’s projection and were carefully considered by Board of Directors …” said Ms. Lan.


Regarding the acquisition over Ha Thanh hospital – as an initial investment into healthcare services, Mr. The Anh highlighted both the economic and social intentions underlying in such decision. KLF Global, besides business goals, would also like to provide people with a better and comprehensive healthcare services.  

The Meeting concluded with extremely high agreement rates for all issues discussed, including the decision to appoint Mr. Le Van Sac as the new member of Supervision Board.


“The success of our Meeting today, with high agreement rates among shareholders, will secure trust and confidence for the Board of Directors and also KLF staff-force to strive for 2015 goals” said Mr. The Anh. 


Shareholder registration right before the Meeting.


The overall spectacle of the Meeting


Voting time


Mr. Le Van Sac has been appointed as the new member of Supervision Board

KLF expects stock bonus of 10% (25/02/2015)

According to KLF Joint Venture Global Investment Joint Stock Company (stock code: KLF), in the upcoming Annual General Shareholder Meeting year of 2015, KLF will submit the Proposal of increasing charter capital to around 3,600 bil VND by means of private placement, stock bonus and issuance to existing shareholders.


This plan shall be executed by 3 distinctive phases, and with such, KLF will issue stock bonus equaling 10% of the profit after tax of the company.   


This method has been adjusted with regards to the first Submission document sent to Shareholders before the Meeting. In a discussion with Mr. Tran The Anh – Chairman of KLF’s Board of Management, this change reflects better policies for the shareholders.


In 2014, KLF achieved 831.25 bil total revenue, 91.37 bil profit after tax. For 2015 business, the company targets 1,650 bil revenue and 156 bil profit after tax.


KLF Global and Asia ECE entered the comprehensive cooperative agreement (07/01/2015)

The ceremony welcomed Mr. Kim Dong Young – Chairperson of Asia ECE; Mr. Choi Byung Gie – General Director of Korean Human Resource Development office (HRD), the EPS center in Vietnam and Mr. Lee Sang Woo – General Director of Regional Office for South East Asia, Korea Electrical Safety Corporation. Receiving Asia ECE’s delegation was Ms. Tran Thi My Lan and Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – members of KLF’s Board of Management; Mr. Le Thanh Duong – Deputy General Director and other KLF’s key personnel. 


Asia ECE – The Asia Institute of Education & Cultural Exchange – is a Korean-based organization currently managing four Language Training Centers (in Seoul – Korea and Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba - Japan) and representative offices in other Asian countries. Each year, Asia ECE admits more than one thousand students from different nations. In this cooperation agreement, both parties share common interest in training and sending Vietnamese labors to work abroad. Besides, Asia ECE is willing to support KLF in finding and training doctors and staff who can work at KLF’s invested hospital, as well as collaborate with the company in Air Services and Tourism sectors. 


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Kim Dong Young – Chairman of Asia ECE, emphasized, “We are deeply impressed with KLF’s development, especially your initial success in new businesses such as education, human resource development and healthcare services. Thus, we feel happy and confident in our expansion to Vietnam market and our cooperation with KLF Global. In 2015, we would like to admit about 1,500 students who want to improve their language skill and workmanship in Japan or Korea; hence we need KLF support and shall discuss this issue more in details.”  


Representing KLF Global, Mr. Le Thanh Duong strongly stated that the cooperation fields specified in the agreement would lay a firm foundation for the long-lasting and sustainable companionship between two organizations.


Right after the signing ceremony, Asia ECE delegation has spent time visiting units under KLF’s management including the Human Resource Training center and Ha Thanh hospital. Mr. Kim and other members were pleased with the scope and infrastructure system of such units and strongly believed that projects under this cooperation agreement could soon be implemented successfully and effectively.


Some pictures of the Signing Ceremony:


Mr. Le Thanh Duong – Deputy General Director of KLF Global delivers his speech.


Mr. Kim Dong Young – Chairman of Asia ECE shares some words at the ceremony


KLF Global and Asia ECE signs the cooperation agreement


KLF welcomes representatives of Shandong International Business Association (02/12/2014)

The delegation was lead by Mr. Yu Jian Lin – Deputy Secretary of the Association, together with other members including representatives of Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Company and Qingdao Economic Cooperative Company.


The meeting has been previously planned and arranged by both parties, for the purpose of business discussions and development of the Cooperative Agreement, which shall be approved by the end of December 2015. On behalf of Shandong Association, Mr. Yu expressed his great expectation for a long-lasting and sustainable relationship between the association and KLF, believing that the Agreement would create premise for KLF’s further investments into China. With 500 member businesses under management, the representative of Shandong Association wished that Shandong would be KLF’s place of choice when making investment decision and the Association would act as a bridge to connect KLF with Shandong businesses in particular and other Chinese companies in general.    


At the meeting, Mr. Le Thanh Duong – Deputy General Director of KLF introduced KLF’s capacity and future development intention to Shandong Business Association. He emphasized on KLF’s heavier investments in luxury tourism industry in Vietnam market, such as travelling services with helicopters, cruises, golf tour and hence expressed the company’s interest in developing tours between Vietnam and China via KLF’s Air Service Center as well as Travelling & Tourism Center. KLF also confirmed its full awareness of the scope of Shandong market, with huge potential for export and import of consumer goods, agriculture and traditional craft products.


Some pictures at the meeting:

KLF and Shandong International Business Association has a meeting in early December.


Representatives of Shandong International Business Association


Mr. Yu Jian Lin – Deputy Secretary of the Association – introduces Shandong’s list of businesses and sectors to KLF’s managers. 




H.A.I - 1:1 pro-rata stock bonus for 2014 and 1,400 billion profit in 2015! (08/11/2014)

On November 8, 2014, H.A.I Agrochem Jsc. has successfully organized its Annual General Shareholders Meeting for the fiscal year 2013 – 2014, with recognition of past year’s business performance and future intentions for the fiscal year 2014-2015 – including methods of distributing profit, increasing charter capital and resolving other HR issues with agreement rate reached 99.99%.

According to that, the Shareholders Meeting has approved the Audited Financial Statements for fiscal year 2013-2014. Despite business difficulties due to both objective and subjective reasons, H.A.I has finally crossed the 2014 finish line with flying colors: Revenue – 896 billion; Profit before-tax: 53 billion; Profit after-tax: 38 billion. With regards to 2015 objectives, H.A.I confidently set up its revenue target at 1,400 billion, profit before and after tax at 100 and 78 billion respectively – which were all great advancement from the previous year’s figures.      


The Meeting also witnessed an impressive agreement rate among shareholders, regarding the stock bonus plan with 1:1 pro-rata basis and the new issuance of stocks to existing shareholders at 1:1.5 pro-rata (after the bonus effect), along with an additional 15 mil shares by means of private placement. With these plans, H.A.I’s new charter capital would increase to approximately 1,020 billion VND.


This capital injection, according to submission of BOM, serves the business expansion, including investment in the agriculture product manufacturing factory (100 bil); capital increase for seedlings, fertilizers and plant protection products (450 bil) and capital re-structure (reduce debt and increase working capital).


In terms of human resource structure, shareholders have approved the five BOM’s member, including Mr. Doan Van Phuong and Mr. Le Thanh Vinh (elected before) and Mr. Ngo Van Thu, Mr. Le Van Sac and Ms. Pham Thi Hai Ninh (new election as external members), overall increased the number of H.A.I BOM’s members to eight persons. Also, Mr. Nguyen Thien Phu and Mr. Doan Van Cuong were elected as member of Board of Supervisors in replacement for Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Huong and Mr. Nguyen Duc Hieu.  


Some pictures at the General Shareholders Meeting:

Mr. Quach Thanh Dong – Vice Chairman of BOM cum General Director of H.A.I




KLF targets EU market and becomes EBG’s strategic partner (05/11/2014)

Accordingly, KLF will cooperate with EBG and become the agency’s very first private school partner regarding vocational training courses in nursing, mechanics, welding and construction for Vietnamese labors who already have basic vocational knowledge. To be specific, in phase 1 students will receive training in both specializations and language skill in Vietnam, then in phase 2 they shall be transferred to Germany or other European countries and continue their course there. By the end of the training program, students will be granted the Vocational Certificate under European Framework of Reference and thus be qualified to work in Germany or other European countries. It is anticipated that by January 2015, the two parties will run the pilot program on nursing and welding vocation for phase 1. 


At the signing ceremony, Ms. Tran Thi My Lan – member of KLF Board of Management – stated: “With the vision to become Vietnam’s leading provider of vocational education services as well as high-quality labors for overseas market, KLF has a burning ambition to approach and conquer the tough markets of the European Union such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia. At the moment, KLF has already cooperated and received technology transfer in human resource training from certain other developed countries worldwide. The company expects that the cooperation with EBG will open chances for Vietnamese human resources to get access to a systematic language and vocational training from Germany and other EU nations, because different from other previous programs, the scope of the project is not confined in Germany only, but also expanding to other offices of EBG European-wide.     


EBG’s Managing Director – Dr. Bernhard Beckmann – highly valued KLF capacity and considered this cooperation a chance for EBG to explore the field of educating skillful worker, serving the growing labor demand in developing countries. Mr. Beckmann expressed his hope that via means of such partnership, the supply-demand for Vietnamse labors in the global market would be significantly improved.     


KLF Global currently owns 1,500 billion VND in charter capital and performs in various business sectors including commercialization, services, health care, education, etc. Across the years, KLF has mobilized and directed much of its resources into HR development, with the operation of Hanoi International College (delivering high-quality vocational training and serving domestic labor demand) and focused on building international partnerships in order to create opportunities for HR training and dispatching.


The European Agency of Vocational training & Society (EBG) was founded in 1990, functioning in vocational training and improvement as well as community and social activities. EBG has now established its strong network with 36 offices across Germany and many other countries over the world. With the force of 350 university lecturers, teachers, experts and thousand of training collaborators meeting global standards (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008), EBG has fulfilled various major projects with the participation of EVBB’s members (The European Association of Vocational Training institutes), community organizations, vocational training centers as well as representatives of EU countries, China, Russia, etc.


Some pictures at the signing ceremony:

Mr. Bernhard Beckmann – EBG’s Managing Director


Ms. Tran Thi My Lan – Member of KLF Board of Management


Representatives of EBG


IMAMURA opens its door to KLF’s students (28/10/2014)

Octorber 27, KLF Global (stock code: KLF listed on HNX) has got a meeting session with IMAMURA – the Japanese firm with HR and Commercial activity focus. Both parties have finally come up with an agreement regarding the admission of KLF’s students to work in Japan in the upcoming time.

Mr. Imamura Kozo - Chairperson of IMAMURA - together with his subordinates, have taken a look around the HR training center targeting Japanese market under KLF’s management. With certain initial contact and quick interviews, Mr. Imamura has been deeply convinced of the language capacity of KLF’s students as well as their attitude and manner. He also spent time sharing with the students about Japanese culture, lifestyle and working principles.      

In the agreement, IMAMURA confirmed their decision to recruit KLF students in four working fields: welding, construction, plastics and mechanics for firms and factories in cities or provinces such as Aichi, Mie, Gifu, Nagoya etc. Accordingly, KLF is going to list more than 100 capable students and prepare them for the first selection round of IMAMURA by this December.

Besides, IMAMURA will support KLF by referring the firm to other Japanese partners and firms of common business interest, with a view to strenthening the relationship between Vietnam and Japan. IMAMURA has more than 10 years of experience in the field and has accepted labors from China, Indonesia, Philipines.   

Picture at the meeting:

Mr. Le Thanh Duong, representative of KLF Global has introduced about KLF’s strengths and its current activities. 

ROYAL AUSNZ and market responses (27/10/2014)

Royal Ausnz, the world leading formula milk product with Australian origin, has been officially introduced to Vietnam market on August 01, 2014 thanks to KLF Global’s efforts. After two months of market penetration, Royal Ausnz has captured the attention and interest of Vietnamese mothers and become their trustworthy companion during their child’s early years.


Royal Ausnz is the formula-milk product line belonging to Gotop group – the big man of Australia’s dairy products industry, with nearly 150 years of expertise. Royal Ausnz is proudly “Australian made” and has achieved world highest certifications in food safety and hygiene including HACCP, ISO, GMP. In Vietnam, the formulas are genuinely imported and exclusively distributed by KLF Global.


In the recent market research, it is found out that Royal Ausnz has gained much favors and positive feedbacks from Vietnamese consumers. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen, citizen of Topcare apartment building (335 Cau Giay, Hanoi), has shared her delightful story in the one to KLF: “My baby was somewhat faced with eating disorder, yet Royal Ausnz milk seems to suit her taste and she enjoys her drinks very much. Especially, since I started to feed my baby with Royal Ausnz, her constipation and digestive disorder have disappeared. I am so relieved and happy. Thank you so much!”    


Talking about product qualities, Mr. Ha from Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong comments: “Royal Ausnz milk is tasty, with moderate sweetness and gives a sense of cool and light flavor. When compared to other milk formulas we used to feed our child, Royal Ausnz contains higher level of Calcium and DHA. Moreover, the 3-lid design help preserve products better under changing climate in Vietnam. My wife and I feel totally assured to feed our baby with Royal Ausnz.”  


Meanwhile, Ms. Vu Thi Hong Nhung, living in Quan Hoa (Hanoi), is fascinated with the products: “My baby loves Royal Ausnz, yet he still enjoys breast milk. Besides, he is also crazy with lovely gifts from the brand. He is absolutely Royal Ausnz’s fan!”


Royal Ausnz formula powder milk is produced by and packaged in 100% natural materials in Australia, the motherland of world dairy industry. The product is developed along the synchronous and enclosed production line, with application of wet-blending, vacuum and nitrogen-push technologies, ensuring its purity.


In the recent interview with Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Thi Lam – Deputy Director of National Institute of Nutrition, she has been asked to give her advice to Vietnamese mothers in choosing a best-fit formula for their child: “In my opinion, it is reasonable to have different milk products in the market to serve different demands. Yet mothers can be assured that all genuinely imported products into Vietnam have already passed the most rigorous testing over nutrition content and safety control of both Vietnam and the producing nation.”     


“As a nutrition expert, I have spent years researching about issues relating to nutrition for children’s comprehensive development. With regards to formula products, the nutrition contents which boost height, brain development, capacity of the immune system while not affecting the product’s tastiness should be of major concern to all mothers.”


“For babies, due to their under-developed digestive system, milk drinks must also be easy to absorb without causing anorexia, and meets the quality standard set by Codex. From my own perspective, Royal Ausnz from Australia is a satisfactory product, with whey protein/casein ratio of 60/40 – appropriate for children absorption. Besides, the DHA and ARA content amounts to 30 and 60mg respectively, reflecting the DHA/ARA “golden ratio” of ½ (found in breast milk). With careful consideration for the health of your beloved babies, I believe Vietnamese mothers are all smart consumers.”        


All Royal Ausnz products currently circulated in Vietnam market are genuine imports by KLF Global, with label printed on the can, two lids and one tin foil covering inside ensuring absolute quality and preventing illegal imitation. The direct labeling on can’s body also helps to mitigate risks relating to product quality and other possible problems.


With such quality commitment, it is understandable why Royal Ausnz can win consumers so quickly.


In this October, mothers and kids have access to various lovely gifts from the brand for buying our products. Royal Ausnz products can be found in all selling agencies and retail stores nation-wide. Or, you can contact our Customer Care Service for more information and advice at:

KLF Global – Consumer goods business department

Representative office: Floor 5B, FLC Landmark Tower, Le Duc Tho street, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi city.

Hotline: 0437953001   /  093.763.1111   

Website: www.klf.vn     Email: chamsockhachang@klf.vn

KLF: Estimated profit 25 bil in Quarter 2 (10/10/2014)

With such estimation, KLF has witnessed an increase by 830% in profit as compared to previous year’s term and fulfilled half of its way to the finish line for 2014’s profit target.

According to KLF, in the second quarter of 2014, its profit was roughly 25 bil, 9.3 times higher than the figure recorded from April to June 2013. Hence, the accumulated profit for the first 6 months of 2014 was approximately 45 bil, 830% higher than the recorded profit for 2013’s first half.  


In 2013, the company enjoyed 391 revenue, 34.5 bil profit after-tax – 8% higher than the projected 32 bil. Coming to 2014, KLF confidently set its sale target at 900 bil and 82 bil profit after-tax.


According to the Submission for Approval at the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting year 2014, KLF expects its charter capital to rise to 1,480 bil with the additional stock issuance to existing shareholders at 1:1 pro-rata. This capital mobilization activity is reserved for the FLC Complex 36 Pham Hung project – which is co-invested by both FLC Group and KLF Global. Meanwhile, KLF is also pursuing an acquisition targeting one 3-star hotel in District 1, HCMC.


Prior to those projects, KLF has finished its acquisition over Ha Thanh hospital (located on Hoang Cau Street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi) and become the exclusive distributor of a well-branded powder milk producer in Australia since May, 2014. 


KLF News

KLF’s large-scale recruitment, including top management positions (07/10/2014)

According to that, KLF shall call for about 120 new staff working at different units of the company including travel, air services, golf services, labors training & export as well as introducing and selling products such as milk powder, steel, training facilities etc. Some of the new hires will take the role of top manager, director or vice director.



In addition, KLF will also recruit 80 personnel working for its Ha Thanh General Hospital including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, hygiene keepers and members of functional units.

The large-scale recruitment campaign is an important part of KLF’s expansion scheme. The company’s strategy is to effectively maintain its current businesses, while at the same time exploit new potentials in Health care services, Medicament and Agriculture products commerce, Vocational training and Labor exports.   


Take in to account the firm’s performance for Quarter 3 (2014) only, its profit has been estimated at 50 billion, roughly equivalent to that of the first half of the year. With such impressive results, the total profit of KLF for the first 9 months of 2014 is approximately 100 bil – meeting the objectives set for the whole year!  

KLF: Meeting the 100-bil profit objective one quarter in advance! (30/09/2014)

It is estimated that KLF Global will enjoy 50 billion profit for the third quarter performance, which roughly equals the company’s total profit of the first 6 months, and with this impressive figure, the 9-month profit of KLF will be around 100 billion – meaning that the company has met its fiscal year target 3 months earlier!


In a recent talk with BizLive, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh – KLF’s General Director – expressed his belief that the early year increase in charter capital might have taken its effect and contributed to the development of all businesses sectors. Meanwhile, distribution and commercial activties as well as M&A transactions have been strengthened and returned KLF with desirable outcomes.


Hence, with such positive figures, it is highly probable that KLF will enjoy profit surplus in 2014, as it has met its objective a good one quarter in advance!   


It is also worthnoticing that in 2014, KLF has found its “new developmental factor” named H.A.I, by owning 25% of this agrochem company’s charter capital. This deal is considered an excellent bargain, as HAI was a vigorously growing joint stock firm with substantial annual profit and cash divident payout, yet KLF was capable of buying it out at a cost lower than HAI’s value on market.  Specifically, on September 18, KLF bought 4.263m HAI shares at the price 37,000 VND/share, yet until September 29, the session closing price recorded for HAI has climbed to 43,500 VND/share.



KLF’s Annual General Shareholders Meeting year 2014, held on June 17, 2014.

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